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The Drywall Repair and Painting Company You Need to Call

Buildings are defined by the quality of their basic components such as its walls, floors, and roof. There is no other way to make customers or visitors respect your establishment or feel at ease in your house than taking good care of your building or structure. If your walls have holes and dents on it, it is best to have them repaired right away. Repairing walls requires expertise. That is why if you want to have your walls repaired, painted, or replaced, turn to a professional drywall repair and painting company such as Marios Drywall & Paint.

In Santa Ana, CA, Marios Drywall & Paint is the drywall contractor that business owners and homeowners in the area trust with the maintenance of their walls. Our company has been serving clients for over 30 years. Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our dedication to satisfying our customers with our top-quality services. If you are thinking of connecting with us, read the information below to know more about the services we offer:

Drywall Repair Service

Hanging picture frames, paintings, and other framed decorations can make your wall stand out. However, when the time comes for you to rearrange your wall decorations, you are left with the unsightly appearance of a wall filled with holes. In such cases, you don’t have to replace the entire wall. In fact, you can simply hire our staff to conduct a drywall repair service.

Drywall Installation

If you are constructing a new building or remodeling your space, hire us for interior drywall and exterior drywall installation.

Painting Service

Nothing can make a room exude a certain air of elegance or exuberance other than adding a new color to its walls. When it comes to interior painting or exterior painting, we are the experts you need to call.

Whether you are looking for a painting contractor that can do repairs, installation, or painting in Santa Ana, CA, Marios Drywall & Paint is the company you need to call. Avail of our services now by calling us at (714) 381-0328. We also serve clients in .


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