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Drywall Installation Tips

Basement drywall is considered the most important part when it comes to finishing a basement and offers a sense of completeness to space. It is not hard performing drywall installation, especially when armed with such tips like creating wall framing before inserting vertical studs. Basement drywall sheets, however, should never be stored in the actual basement until ready to use. Always start installing drywall in the corner, the last sheet will always have to be cut, in addition to seam tape and mud to finish the job.

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The first step to installing basement drywall is creating the wall framing. Unfinished basements usually come with concrete walls, however, basement drywall will not be able to be attached without any wall framing. Bottom and top plates are needed, in addition to vertical studs which should be spaced out at certain intervals. The distance between every vertical stud will greatly depend on the drywall sizes. Even though drywall is available in sheets which are 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, thickness does vary. Larger projects will need extremely thick sheets. Basement drywall sheets, however, usually only need under half an inch thick.

Once you have bought all the sheets, make sure you stack them as close to the basement as you can. But, do not actually place them in the basement unless you are planning on using them immediately. When installing basement drywall, you should never start in the center of a wall. Choose one corner and begin attaching the sheets. A power drill will be helpful when using drywall screws on the plates and studs. This should be continued until the whole basement has been covered.

Murphy’s law dictates that the very last sheet of drywall will never fit perfectly in a corner. So you will need to cut the sheet so it fits on the last stud. If the drywall is getting installed on other walls follow the same routine. There is usually a seam between every sheet and these must be covered with mud and seam tape.

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